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Deep Purple: “Space Truckin'”

The Hook: Bassist Roger Glover says for him the wit of the lyrics really stands out.

Album: Machine Head

Year: 1972

Writers: Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Jon Lord and Ian Paice

Stats: Never released as as single, it’s one of the band’s rock radio classics.

Background: Bassist Roger Glover says the idea for Deep Purple’s “Space Truckin'” actually took hold in a hotel corridor. He tells what he likes most about the song.

Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover on what he likes most about “Space Truckin’.” OC:…of that. :29

“The thing I like about it is the lyrics. Lyrics are both important and not important all at the same time. And the thing Ian Gillan brings, I mean, he and I write lyrics together, but I’m, if you like, the poetic end of it, he’s the witty, animal end. And his wit permeates Deep Purple’s lyrics. We both have wit and we both like to play with words and we both like to do crossword puzzles, cryptic ones. Words are our stock in trade. To be able to say something with wit and light humor is a lot of fun and I think ‘Space Truckin’’ is one of the early examples of that.”

Deep Purple - Space Truckin'

Ian Gillan - Vocals Ritchie Blackmore - Guitar Roger Glover - Bass Ian Paice - Drums Jon Lord (RIP 1941 - 2012) - Organ, keyboards Lyrics: We had a lot of luck on Venus We always had a ball on Mars Meeting all the groovey people We've rocked the Milky