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STYX is finally admitting the Obvious and Dennis DeYoung  feels vindicated…

STYX is playing “Mr. Roboto” in concert for the first time in more than three decades, and former singer DENNIS DEYOUNG feels vindicated, because the rest of the band didn’t agree with his vision at the time.  He says, quote, “I predict that Roboto will ultimately become Styx’s most popular song over time.”

It’s been 35 years since STYX members DENNIS DEYOUNG and TOMMY SHAW fell out over Dennis’ pet project, the 1983 album “Kilroy Was Here”.

And now, for the first time in basically FOREVER, Styx . . . WITHOUT Dennis DeYoung . . . is playing the album’s signature track “Mr. Roboto” live.  So Dennis is having a little “I told you so” moment.

In a Facebook post, he said, quote, “[They’re] finally admitting the obvious.  And as always following the money.  Can’t imagine how many times the boys were asked the question ‘Hey, how come you ain’t playing Roboto?’

“But no, this song ruined the band.  And so now, 35 years later nearly to the day, June 2, 1983, Tommy quit the band onstage in D.C. because of Kilroy and ‘Mr. Roboto’ and now it’s resurrected.  Hallelujah.”

He added, quote, “By playing this song after all the vitriol, it’s an admission, but of what?  Kids, you tell me.  I predict that Roboto will ultimately become Styx’s most popular song over time.”


Here we go!!!

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