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Sixteen-year-old Gabriel Sirr has been struggling to see since he was a baby…

When he turned a year old, doctors diagnosed him with Wagr syndrome – a rare genetic disorder that left him legally blind..No there is a new pair of glasses that could help change that.

The glasses developed by e-Sight a Toronto-based company give legally blind people a chance to see. Gabriel had a chance to try them out and knew they were something he had to have, the only problem is the glasses are 10 thousand dollars.

Like most families these glasses are out of their price range, so a GoFundMe page was set up as a way to ease the cost…

To donate:

Gabriel says his number one goal is to work on the board at school because he has never been able to before.

Family of blind teen needs help for high-tech glasses that would help him see

Sixteen-year-old Gabriel Sirr has been struggling to see since he was a baby. "My dad used to take me to the Tigers games and I always asked him what is going on because I couldn't see, but I could hear them," he said.