The Power Of Compassion

Jeff Pezzell and his wife Nancy sat down to eat at Leo's Coney Island on Telegraph Road in Taylor on Wednesday and couldn't believe what happened next...

While eating their meal a note was handed to his wife handwritten on a napkin, the anonymous letter read:

"I am fighting the fight also. I seen your hat and your port. I am currently receiving chemo also. Take this and put it towards your lunch. God bless you and stay strong."

The note ended with, "No warrior fights alone!"

Nancy has been battling cancer since January, and chemo treatments began in March.

In a Facebook post, Jeff wrote a letter of thanks to another customer at Leo's for the touching gesture that was made.

"To the person(s) that noticed that my wife is receiving chemo for cancer who anonymously had a server at Leo's Coney Island on Telegraph in Taylor pass my wife a hand written note and a very generous gift...," Jeff wrote. "... Thank you, Thank you and Thank you."

By Wednesday evening, the Facebook post had garnered over 3,000 reactions and nearly 200 comments.

Big Jim and Erin also had Jeff on the Housecast to talk about that day...