Iron Maiden Being Sued For Stealing Six Of Their Best-Selling Songs

A former member of Iron Maiden has waited 40 years to sue the band in court, alleging that they ripped off a bunch of his songs.

Ex-singer Dennis Willcock, who quit the band in 1978 before they made it big, explains that he had never really listened to their music or lyrics until now, so he didn't know.

Willcock claims that he is the songwriter behind "Prowler", "Charlotte the Harlot", "Phantom of the Opera", "Iron Maiden" and "Prodigal Son", while musician Terry Wilson-Slesser says his lyrics for 70s group Beckett on their song "A Rainbow's Gold" were used for Maiden's 1982 "Hallowed Be Thy Name."

An Iron Maiden spokesperson is fighting back saying, "This is outrageous. Absolutely ridiculous."