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The Jimi Hendrix Experience: “Foxy Lady”

The Hook: Bassist Billy Cox’s favorite Hendrix song to play.

Are You Experienced?

Year: 1967

Writer: Jimi Hendrix

Stats: Peaked at number-67 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Background: Jimi’s Air Force buddy Billy Cox replaced Noel Redding as Hendrix’s bassist a couple of years after The Experience recorded “Foxy Lady.” Cox says, although he had nothing to do with record, it was his favorite Hendrix song to perform live. He explains why.

Jimi Hendrix bassist Billy Cox on why “Foxy Lady” was his favorite song to play live with Jimi. OC:…that personally. :12

“The beat. I like music that has rhythm to it, because, I guess, I like to pat my feet and I like to dance. And ‘Foxy Lady’’s a song that gives me all of that, so I enjoy that, personally.”