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Someone Has Set Fire To The Boblo Boat

This is unfortunate. 

The Boblo Boat that used to ferry passengers to Boblo Island has been set on fire, and fire crews are attempting to put it out. The cause of the fire is currently unknown, according to WDIV Local 4.

Though not clearly noted, they do mention that S.S. Ste Claire was moved to Riverside Marina last year, but it's not specified if this is the Ste Claire, but it does say the fire is happening there now, so we can draw our conclusions.

WDIV Local 4 / ClickOnDetroit

LIVE: Old Boblo Island boat catches fire at Detroit marina


The boat fosters many memories for amusement park goers from Detroit and Windsor, and one of the boats took cinema center stage being featured in one of the 'Transformers' flicks. It was also the title of Royce Da 5' 9's most recent single with J.Cole.

From the looks of the live video, chances are that the boat will not be salvaged. The boat was part of a restoration project, which leads the question of if the boat was just "too much to fix" and was set on fire, or if this was truly an accident.

RIP Boblo Boat

@royceda59 and #jcole dropped the "Boblo Boat" music video today, and I honestly am a little disappointed there wasn't some imagery of the Boblo Boat in it. I'm not hating - I just thought maybe somehow it would pop up since Ste. Claire was working on a restore project. This was a flick I caught of it when it was lingering one night in one of the canals near Zug Island. Go check out the video for "Boblo Boat," which J.Cole directed on my site now. The song is giving me some mad summer vibes ????????☀️ ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️ #ig_color #streetmobs #streets_vision #vzcomood #click_vision #transfer_visions #main_vision #vscogood #killyourcity #thepeoplescreatives #exklusive_shot #justgoshoot #untoldvisuals #thedarkpr0ject #thephotosociety #featuremeofh #streetmagazine #ig_mood #pr0ject_uno #streetshared #urbanaisle #enter_imagination #loaded_lenses #mg5k #aov10K #agameof10K #aov10K #murderdotcom #royce #royceda59 #jcole

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