Car Swapping

Think Your Car Payment is bad....One Guy Pays More than Your HOUSE PAYMENT...

Now you can swap your car out every two weeks ($950 per month) cause according to the lady in the story, "I hate it when it gets dirty"

The story also mentions that some people may already have a car payment of $950 or more...One guy  has a $2700 monthly car payment. He said he eats like ramen most of the time, but loves his.....AUDI R8 V10 Plus - For the nerds it's "Iron Man's Car

Would you do this? The program includes a new car every 2 weeks, free delivery of the car and insurance with the car...Check out the report here.

New Car Leasing Program Lets Drivers Get New Car Every Two Weeks | NBC Nightly News

With car sales dipping two percent this year and fewer millennials getting behind the wheel, brands like Ford and Cadillac are starting "car subscriptions," allowing drivers to swaps cars in an out at their local dealership whenever they want.