Backstage News

The working title for the show, according to A.V. Club is ‘The Curiosity of Jeff Goldblum.’

Jeff Goldblum is constantly in a state of puzzlement / quizzical / fascinated by things, and so to send Jeff out into the world to explore things and have a camera follow him and his reactions seems like the perfect job for Mr. Goldblum.

A.V. Club says “…we have to assume this new series (which will see him investigate the joys of common day phenomena like baseball and making toilet paper) falls securely under the ‘get paid to do what you love’ rubric for human happiness.”

Let’s face it, it will basically be just like his Funny Or Die skit when he goes to Kroger and talks about making French Onion Soup and finds out what kind of cheese people would associate with his personality.

Jeff Goldblum Cooks With Jonathan Gold

Jeff Goldblum heats up the kitchen with Jonathan Gold and Kroger to prepare a delicious French soup.

What I’m trying to say is “I’d watch the heck outta that.”