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(8/13) It’s Big Jim with an update on Bob Seger Boulevard. After talking with members of the Ann Arbor School Board and local politicians¬† in Ann Arbor, we felt it was best to move on with a different location. We’re looking for a city that really wants Bob Seger Blvd, and it became apparent that we were forcing the issue.

Are we done? HELL NO!! We’re just getting started. We want a community that’s as motivated as we are to show Bob Seger how much we love him. So we’ve had a couple of promising leads:

First off we heard from Mark with the city of Allen Park – who already have an idea of where to put Bob Seger Blvd. Check out the drawings:

It’s Official!

Allen Park will mark the first of the Bob Seger Boulevard locations! Passed during a city council meeting last night Allen Park has decided to be the official home for Bob Seger Boulevard..Check out the Facebook live video of the decision during last nights meeting!

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In Allen Park for the big Seger Boulevard announcement!

The second one is an idea to put it on the street going into Pine Knob (as seen here in this drawing).

We have also had a ton of social media support including Joe Walsh!


We have a representative presenting the proposal at a board meeting this week (stay tuned).


So what do YOU think? Email the show by clicking here BIGJIMSHOUSE@WCSX.COM