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Later today Ford will celebrate the 100th anniversary of production at The Rouge Complex. 

Only  one  automotive  plant  in  American  history   has consistently  produced  for  100  consecutive years through  two  world  wars, 18 U.S. recessions and spanning six  generations all  while  producing  some  of  the  world’s  most  famous  vehicles: the  Ford  Rouge  complex.

As a part of the celebration, Ford put together a drone light show late last night for its employees.

Henry Ford’s vision of an ideal automotive “ore to assembly” complex, The Rouge is where every aspect of production could be processed, manufactured and assembled in one place. From tractors to cars, military jeeps, tank engines and even amphibious vehicles, as well as celebrated cars like the Ford Mustang and F-150, the Rouge’s production history stands as one of the industrial wonders of the world.

The Rouge put America on wheels, but ironically, the plant began producing during World War I — not a vehicle — but Eagle Boats for the U.S. Navy. The manufacturing plant – now the home of Ford F-150, America’s best-selling pick-up truck — has endured the test of time and set the standard for sustainable manufacturing