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That doesn't Look Like a Dog...



A reporter from KUTV was doing a live shot last night when an animal decided it wanted a little screen time...

Check it out as this reporter stays very cool during a live shot as a Cougar walks right next to her, maybe her thinking it was a dog helped her stay calm..

Chase Thomason on Twitter

ICYMI: It looks like a #cougar walked past @KUTVMorgan this morning in her live shot! #cougar #utah

The story has been broken! Turns out the animal is a neighborhood dog that likes to roam the neighbor..The owner put out a statement saying that very thing..

Morgan Saxton on Twitter

MYSTERY SOLVED: The owner of this camera-friendly fella just sent us a picture of their pup who made it's way into my live shot this morning. Come back anytime! #talkofthetown