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This isn’t something you hear everyday, or even believe…

A 4-foot alligator was rescued Monday from Lake Michigan after someone reported it swimming near Waukegan, Illinois.

“It is not every day someone reports an alligator in Lake Michigan and the report is true,” wrote a City of Waukegan official in a Facebook post. The city of 88,000 residents is about 35 miles north of Chicago.

Waukegan Police Animal Control and Larsen Marine Service Inc. rescued the alligator.

A kayaker fishing for salmon near Waukegan Harbor found the alligator, which had its mouth taped shut.

WYFF News 4

LAKE MICHIGAN ALLIGATOR -- A 4-foot-long caiman, similar to an alligator, was recovered from Lake Michigan on Monday.

Who can forget Erin’s uncle’s pet gator story?!