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If you’re looking for a maid service, make sure you check out this one from Brooklyn, just make sure you lock your bar up…

Genevieve Snow came home to find the maid on her kitchen floor passed out after she hired a cleaning service to tidy up her Williamsburg apartment.

“I thought someone was dead,” Snow recounted to PIX11. “I didn’t know it was the cleaning lady at first because the apartment door was open and it could’ve been anyone.”

Her roommate, who discovered the maid and snapped the now-infamous photo, called 911.

They quickly realized that the workers hired through “Joanna’s Cleaning Service” in Brooklyn did everything but clean, instead they raided the liquor cabinet and caused over $400 worth of damage — even helping themselves to ice cream.

“My spice rack was smashed, the whole kitchen was a mess,” she said. “This marble table was flipped over – it’s so heavy, I don’t know how she did that.”

Responding officers did not file a report, noting no crime was committed as Snow allowed them to enter.

Geevee Snow

CLEANING LADIES DRANK MY LIQUOR AND TRASHED MY APARTMENT. I hired two ladies from Joanna's Cleaning Service in Brooklyn and they didn't clean a thing, just drank all my liquor and fucked up my home....