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FLASHBACK: John Cleese Makes Fun Of Taylor Swift’s Cat To Her Face

Legendary comedic actor John Cleese celebrates his birthday today (October 27.)

I thought long and hard about how to honor an icon like Cleese, and while it was obvious to look back on his Monty Python work, this interview on The Graham Norton Show seemed too funny not to share.

Cleese and Taylor Swift were guests on the popular BBC talk show when the topic of Swift’s cats was brought up. No spoilers, but Cleese took his humor to super British levels, and Swift visibly could not take the joke.

I sincerely hope this video brings you as much joy as it always does to me.

JOHN CLEESE Insults TAYLOR SWIFT's Cat Olivia Benson - The Graham Norton Show on BBC AMERICA

TAYLOR SWIFT's talking about her cat Olivia Benson, but comedy legend JOHN CLEESE puts his foot in his mouth pretty quickly... and often! The claws are coming out!

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