Microwaved Problems

A City councilman is in some hot water after disagreeing with someone's microwave etiquette...

A Riverview city councilman has been accused of assault following an incident involving a microwave in early October.

According to Wayne County Airport Police, longtime councilman James Trombley allegedly choked an airport employee for improperly warming his food in the break room microwave.

The employee told police he tried to warm his lunch, when Trombley disapproved of the food not being covered.

The two exchanged words, including Trombley telling the man to either cover his lunch or take it out of the microwave.

The man told Trombley to mind his own business, leading Trombley to get up and attempt to take the food out of the microwave. Things got physical when the employee blocked Trombley from getting to the microwave.

Witnesses called 911 when the councilman grabbed the hungry employee by his collar.

When police arrived to the scene, the situation had de-escalated and an investigation determined Trombley started everything.

According to the News-Herald, Trombley told reporters the scuffle was a "pushing match" that lasted "three seconds."

No word on whether Trombley will face any criminal charges.