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Mötley Crüe, NOT Motley Crew

The band once called “Mars” were playing a gig and another band referred to the group as “a motley looking crew” and the rest is history.

Karl Walter / Gettyimages

The Beatles, NOT The Beetles

The inspiration behind the name Beatles came from The Crickets. The misspelling was simply a play on the word “beat”.

Central Press / Gettyimages

Styx, NOT Sticks

OK “Styx” is actually a Greek word, which means hate and in Greek Mythology, Styx is a river from the underworld.

Gabe Palacio / Gettyimages

Jimi Hendrix, NOT Jimmy Hendrix

Originally Johnny, Jimi’s parents changed his name to James in honor of his brother who had passed away. Later, Jimi’s manager, Chas Chandler, suggested he change the spelling of his name from Jimmy to Jimi for a more exotic impression.

Evening Standard /Gettyimages

Lynyrd Skynyrd, NOT  Leonard Skinner(d)

Lynyrd Skynyrd is famously named after the band’s high school gym teacher whose name was actually Leonard Skinner.

Darrell Ingham / Gettyimages

Def Leppard, NOT Deaf Leopard

Originally, the name Deaf Leopard was written down by Joe Eliott on a list of imaginary rock band names for his English class. Drummer, Tony Kenning later suggested that they alter the spelling so as to not sound like a punk band.

Hulton Archive / Gettyimages

Led Zeppelin, NOT Lead Zeppelin

The misspelling of “Led” is no mistake. The band purposely altered the spelling to ensure their name was never mispronounced.

Hulton Archive / Gettyimages


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