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5 Celebrities You Forgot Were Veterans

There are a number of notable rockers and other celebrities that served in the military, but there are also a number of entertainers you may not remember also enlisted.

This Veterans Day, we take at some public figures you may have forgot were also veterans.


Bob Ross

The first two words you think of when talking about Bob Ross is likely “Happy Trees” and not “Master Sergeant,” but that’s the highest rank the host of “The Joy Of Painting” held in his 20 years with the Air Force.

Bob Ross - Home in the Valley (Season 30 Episode 8)

Visit a quaint Bob Ross shanty and experience the tranquility of mysterious distant mountains and an inviting pond just outside the door. Season 30 of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross features the following wonderful painting instructions: Babbling Brook, Woodgrain View, Winter's Peace, Wilderness Trail, A Copper Winter, Misty Foothills, Through the Window, Home in the Valley, Mountains of Grace, Seaside Harmony, A Cold Spring Day, Evening's Glow, and Blue Ridge Falls.


James Doohan

Before he was Montgomery “Scotty” Scott on Star Trek, Doohan served in the Canadian Army and fought at Normandy on D-Day where he was shot a number of times, including a shot to the chest that was stopped by a cigarette case.

Chief Engineer Montgomery "Scotty" Scott - TOS season 1

I love Bones 😀 But soon I realised that there's another great character, but one who seems to be underrated: that's Scotty! He's just lovely and so is James Doohan. I couldn't find any compilation video of his portrayal of Scotty, so I decided to make one myself.


Leonard Nimoy

Star Trek’s Mr. Spock joined the United States Army Reserves and earned the rank of sergeant before being discharged in 1955.

live long and prosper

spock saying "live long an prosper"...thats it. Star Trek TOS Season: 3 Episode: 22 "The Savage Curtain"


Mel Brooks

The famous filmmaker was drafted into the Army during World War II where he diffused land mines as a combat engineer.

Moses Ten Commandments - Mel Brooks

No Description


Mr. T

Before he stepped in the ring with Rocky or joined The A-Team, Mr. T joined the Army and served in the Military Police Corps.

Rocky 3 - Mr. T - I pity the fool

"I pity the fool!" Clubber Lang (played by Mr. T) when asked about Rocky Balboa before their rematch. Quoted on ESPN's Around the Horn.

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