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Speed Demon Teen

Growing up, everyone had the fear of missing curfew and knew what would happen if they did. It's safe to say this teenager felt those same feelings...

A teenage driver trying to race home after being late for curfew was clocked at 138 mph along northbound I-75.

It happened on Black Friday, but Michigan State Police shared it on Twitter Thursday evening.

He was only 2 mph shy of going double the 70 mph speed limit on I-75.

Troopers say he was ticketed for speeding but spared a reckless driving charge. They also awarded him the SMH (Shake My Head) award, coupling the information with two comical GIF's on social media.

No word yet on what kind of trouble he was in at home.

MSP Metro Detroit on Twitter

This just in from the Metro North Post: SMH Award: 17 and late for curfew! On 11/23 at 845P troopers clocked a 2012 Chevy traveling 138 miles per hour in the left lane of I 75 Northbound and Holly Rd. The driver tried to duck off on to E Holly Rd but was caught by the trooper.