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Battle of the Mugshots

There has been some very interesting and entertaining mugshots through out the years but now these two battle for the top spot...

Let's take a vote...Which of these two mugshots is your favorite? First lets start with our friend from Ohio....

This woman faces charges after shoplifting from a Walmart, officials say, and when she was stopped for stealing a bag, they said they found drug-related items on her.

Zebrasky faces several charges, including theft, drug possession, drug abuse instruments, and failure to appear in court.

FOX 32 News on Twitter

Ohio woman shoplifts bag from Walmart, fills it with drugs, police say

Now let's move on down the street to Cincinnati where a women really 'LASHED" out at another women...

The 61-year-old woman in Cincinnati has been arrested after dumping hot grease on another woman during an argument. It's not the crime that has everyone talking though..

New York Post on Twitter

61-year-old woman allegedly dumped hot grease on victim during dispute

Now that you have seen them, which mugshot is your favorite?