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A winter storm is headed toward southeastern Michigan. The roads will be inevitably scary, which only means one thing…

Get to the grocery store and be sure to stock up on bread and milk. This guy knows what we’re talking about. Remember him?

Some say it’s all media hype, but someone has to warn us and tell us when it’s time to get the bread and milk. One news station in Nashville created a “Panic-o-meter” to help viewers know when to allow for extra time during commutes, when to buy bread and milk and when to go into a full-blown winter storm panic.

The American Red Cross preparedness website recommends more than just bread and milk. There are some important items that you may want to consider purchasing as well, including: one gallon of water per person per day, non-perishable foods (bread and milk do expire), flashlights, batteries, sanitation products,blankets, extra cash and of course, cell phone chargers. For the complete list, visit their website. But really, you can’t go wrong with bread and milk…it’s where French Toast comes from!

Erin has always wondered why bread and milk? It’s all about sustenance. But, to each their own. In the case of a winter storm, Erin said she’d be stocking up on the whiskey and chicken nuggets…not bread and milk. Of course she is not alone…

Now get to the grocery store before all that’s left is skim milk and whole wheat bread!