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A guy in Kentucky saw a giant nine-foot-tall snowman in someone’s yard last week and tried to plow it over with his car, but he wasn’t the only one to fail while driving…

Unfortunately for the driver his mission did not turn out well for him, , because the snowman was built around the stump of a tree.  No word on what happened to his car . . . all they found were the tire tracks.

Here is a photo of the snowman:

Cody Lutz Media

Cody Lutz Media added a new photo.

The next story comes to us from Royal Oak, where a family had their garbage cans ran over by an amazon delivery truck.

The family noticed that their garbage cans were smashed and laying down the street, they took a look at their Ring doorbell camera and saw that an Amazon truck took the cans out and continued to drive.

Amazon driver caught on camera crashing into garbage cans in Royal Oak

When someone comes to the door of Nadia Ahmad and Nickole Moore's house in Royal Oak it is recorded. They bought a Ring Doorbell just before the holidays because they often shop at Amazon. "I got it just to protect my packages and protect my property," said Nadia Ahmed.