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We’ve all heard of emotional support animals, from dogs and cats to birds and even squirrels, but I bet you’ve never heard of an emotional support alligator!

His name is Wally and he is a 4-year-old emotional support alligator! He spends his time as SpiriTrust Lutheran Village assisted-living facility in York, Pennsylvania.

His owner, Joie Henney, says Wally  is just like a dog; he wants people to pet him and love him. According to Henney, Wally likes people as friends, not potential food and is actually a pretty mellow alligator. He said he has always liked the animal so he agreed to take Wally from a friend who rescued him in Florida after condo developers threatened to kill alligators living on the land they planned to build on.

Once Henney realized Wally had potential be an emotional support animal, he decided to give it a try, taking Wally to an assisted living facility to make some friends.

Surprisingly, the seniors seemed to love their visit with Wally! Check out their interaction in video below.

Watch Wally the gator cuddle up with senior admirers

York County's emotional support alligator, Wally, met some new friends on Monday at SpiriTrust Lutheran's Village on Sprenkle Drive.