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The internet is a place where anything can happen.

Yesterday afternoon Pat Oswalt was attacked by a stranger on Twitter after publishing a tweet about the President.

Pat responded to the man with jokes but after some investigating, Pat realized that man, Michael Beatty, was going through an extremely difficult time, and being the good guy he is, Pat shared a GoFundMe page for Michael.

The response was overwhelming. What was once a five thousand dollar goal has become over 28 thousand dollars to assist with medical and other bills.

Michael was so moved by the star’s gesture that he tweeted a heartfelt thank you to all who donated, but citing the success of the fundraiser to Pat Oswalt.

Sitting behind a computer screen makes it easy to make a snap judgement and forget that the person on the other end is just as human as we are.

Pat and his willingness to put his differences aside and help a fellow human being is enough to make you smile. Everyone should be more like Pat Oswalt.