Tito's Dog Post Of The Day 1-29-19

Some dogs have very unique ways of eating their food, some even take it to carpet but this dog needs it heated up a little bit...Dunkin the dog is not exactly a fussy eater, but he does have this one quirk – he wants his kibble prepared like human food is. And what we mean by that is that it needs to be put in the microwave first.


'He will only eat his food when I microwave it because he thinks that makes it become human food' ????????


After seeing this video we learned that Erin's lovable Tito has to have his food prepared in the same way...

Dunkin and Tito are not alone, Luna the golden retriever is also quite the picky eater – she’s also very gullible. When Luna’s human sets down her food bowl, she just stares at it – refusing to eat until her meal is properly “cooked” in the oven. Little does she know, her owner is simply putting her food dish in the unheated oven, setting a timer, and presenting her “cooked” meal.

How to trick a picky dog who won't eat

Luna has been a picky eater over the years. We finally found a solution that works and she falls for it everytime ****NO IDEA WHY THE AUDIO IS CUT OFF IN THE BEGINNING, OH WELL @Delaypat on twitter https://youtu.be/uy4MpDg2snY