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It's A Bird, Wait....That's Not A Bird!

Indiana health officials say people who had contact with a bat last week during an Indiana Pacers game have possibly been exposed to rabies.

The Indiana State Department of Health says anyone who may have touched the bat with bare skin when it flew around at the Pacers game Thursday in Indianapolis is urged to contact the department or a health care provider about receiving rabies vaccinations.

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Told y'all. A bat is in the house #PacersClippers

And here it goes again.

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Guess who's back? #PacersClippers

A week ago in San Antonio during the Spurs game against the Brooklyn Nets, the game was stopped for nearly three minutes in the first quarter at AT&T Center when three bats began swooping around the court. Arena staff did its best to catch them, but play was resumed when the bats flew back to the rafters.

In the Spurs next home against the New Orleans Pelicans, their mascot, The Coyote, was patrolling with a net when a bat appeared early in the first quarter. The mascot finally got the bat in his net with a diving attempt before arena staff eventually  removed it with a towel.