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Would You Swipe Right?

It was love at first sight...

But we are sure she was being sarcastic.

Dalia Malek, a stand-up comedian from San Francisco was in shock when she discovered her recent Tinder match, or at least his picture.

He is not a photographer by any means. His name is Hideo, he is a 34-year-old sushi chef from San Francisco and he does not know how to take a selfie...

The image features a man in the background who is naked and exposed.

Naturally, Malek took to social media, jokingly tweeting, "Found my soulmate on @tinder"

dr. dalia ☥???? on Twitter

Found my soulmate on @tinder

There is a lesson to be learned here: Always be aware of your background when you take bathroom (or locker room) selfies.

Of course, the internet came up with some theories...this one's the best:

Jenny "Inappropriate Circumstances" Napolitano on Twitter

@DALIAMALEK @Tinder Plot twist, what if the profile belongs to the guy in the background.