The Super-Bowl Of The Dog World Is Here!

It's that time again when dogs from around the world gather at Westminster in the hopes of taking home the title of "Best in Show"
The "Westminster Dog Show" is celebrating its' 143rd Birthday and you can watch the main dog show competition on Fox Sports 1 
on Tuesday night.

Best in show will be awarded at the end of the competition and whichever dog is chosen will have to beat competition from six other groups.

Here is the 2018 winner...Meet Flynn!

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

The winner of the 142nd Best in Show is Flynn the Bichon Frise!

Here's a brief overview of how that works: the seven Westminster categories are designated by the American Kennel Club's classification of various breeds into herding, hound, working, sporting, non-sporting, toy and terrier groups. After dogs compete for best of breed on both Monday and Tuesday, the winner of each of those larger groups advances to the Westminster final.

The dog show has become so popular with people, there is even a bracket challenge from Purina.

This past weekend several competitions were held at Westminster, and in the agility competition a Bulldog named "Rudy", stole the show, or at least social media.

CJ Fogler on Twitter

A bulldog doing agility is a marvelous sight


Check out who Erin's dog Tito Picked to win best in show!

Do you think you can beat Tito? There are 7 categories up for best in show.

1. Herding
2. Toy
3. Sporting
4. Non-Sporting
5. Hound
6. Working
7. Terrier

Which category will win? Pick a number and group and Email us at [email protected] to make your pick ot text 248-398-9279. Include your name and phone number and you could win a prize from our friends at Penn Station East Coast Subs.