Seger Saturdays on CSX

Saturday 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.

According to Forbes, music journalist, Steve Baltin calls Bob Seger’s farewell tour “a joyous and masterful night of rock and roll.”

…But we already knew that here in Michigan.

Seger performed Saturday night (February 23) at the Forum in L.A. for 15,000 delighted fans.

Baltin described Seger’s performance as “arena rock perfection,” “on fire” and “sublime.” And he made sure to mention the “underrated Silver Bullet Band.”

And added, “[Seger was] working as tirelessly at 73 as he did when he was 23.”

You can check out the entire review from Forbes below.

Seger is scheduled to bring his final tour to a finish in his home state at Pine Knob for three shows this June.

Bob Seger Farewell Tour A Joyous And Masterful Night Of Rock And Roll

Long before arena rock took on the ideas of being cheesy, cliche and pompous, it was a joyous spirit of community. Bob Seger brought that back during the L.A. stop of his farewell tour, A brilliantly paced night of heart and great songs it showed all the magic of 17,000 fans and artist as one.