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Where is Hercules?

Marisa Szabla hasn't seen her 5-pound teacup Yorkie Hercules in over a week after he was stolen from her backyard in Taylor.

Her close friend was watching the dog  when she let him outside, when she went to let him back in the fence was open and no sign of Hercules. The friend ended up running into one of the neighbors and the neighbor said they saw a man with a dog in his jacket.

The man apparently took the dog into the Dawg House Bar not far from where he was stolen. The man was trying to make some quick cash as witnesses said he was trying to auction of the dog.

"He was in the bar auctioning off my dog like '$25, $30, $35," Szabla said. "Somebody bought him for $25."

The man who bought the dog ended up returning it back to the man who stole it and because the dog doesn't have a chip Taylor police say it will be hard to track down.

All I'm asking is for tips or if anyone has seen him, anywhere," Szabla said.

Marisa says she feels empty without her little shadow.

"I want justice," she said. "It's inhumane to sit there and steal a Teacup Yorkie."


If you have any information on the Yorkie please call Taylor police at (734) 374-1420

Woman's teacup Yorkie stolen, auctioned off at Dearborn Heights bar

"I don't have kids of my own, that is my child," said Marisa Szabla. "He's my baby I'm panicking." It's been more than a week since Marisa Szabla has seen her 5-pound teacup Yorkie's sweet face. "I've had him since he was four weeks old," she said. "Somebody bring him home to me.