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Bret Hart Attacked During WWE Hall of Fame Speech: VIDEO

The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony is a pretty tame affair during WrestleMania weekend, but tonight's ceremony took a turn when Bret Hart was tackled by a fan during the show.

Hart was giving his acceptance speech after being inducted for the second time into the WWE Hall of Fame as a member of the Hart Foundation tag team. The video below shows a fan rushing the ring and tackling Hart along with WWE Superstar Natalya before a number of current WWE Superstars entered the ring.


The attack on Bret Hart & Natalya. What a disgusting act. #WWEHOF https://t.co/3IwjyhMGzX

As expected, many fans - and some wrestlers - were furious about this attack and took to Twitter to express their outrage. (Some NSFW language ahead.)

The DRAW on Twitter

How is some dude gonna attack Bret Hart during his Hall of Fame speech!? What a piece of shit.

Ross Tweddell on Twitter

All the credit in the world to Bret Hart for his composure and class in continuing his speech after those disgusting scenes. Imagine doing that to The Hitman, man?! Lock that knobhead in a room with any members of the roster who fancy a shot I say! #WWEHOF


Arthur Fist Finder on Twitter

Is the guy who attacked Bret Hart the same guy who invaded Seth Rollins's entrance? #WWEHOF

Joe Weller on Twitter

Bret Hart has just been attacked by a random guy from the crowd during his Hall of Fame speech ???????????? Literally wtf is wrong with some people.. Luckily loads of wrestlers got in the ring and kicked the shit out of the guy https://t.co/Ctqj2uF1fr


#AEW Executive Producer on Twitter

I did not watch the #WWEHOF tonight, but I just wanna say fuck you to that guy who attacked Bret Hart during his speech. Like seriously, that guy with the rasta hat is the definition of dumbass wrestling fans who are immature.

Bryan Alvarez on Twitter

Suffice to say, the guy who attacked Bret Hart was given a hearty beating.

Adam Pacitti on Twitter

Huge respect for Bret Hart for continuing his speech after being attacked by an attendee. Fan isn't the right word to use in this situation. No fan of wrestling would do such a thing. #WWEHOF

Kenny McIntosh on Twitter

I am recording so not watching but i hope the fan who attacked Bret Hart while hes on stage tonight at the #WWEHOF is arrested and put in jail. Disgusting. Speechless. Wrestling is better than that. Absolute scumbag.