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Pikachu is going to outer space!

The tabby cat nmaed after a Pokemon character  recently passed away from feline diabetes and the cat’s owner wants to launch it to outer space for a  space “burial.”

“Pikachu will have a final send-off like no cat has ever had before,” Steve Munt, Pikachu’s owner, wrote on a GoFundMe page. “A portion of his remains, from his heart, will be launched into orbit, where he will watch over the Earth, and we can track his location as he showers the world with love.”

While this is extremely out of the ordinary, Pikachu won’t be the first cat to make to outer space. He will be the first cremated cat, however.  On October 18, 1963, a French cat named Félicette became the first cat to ever travel to space.

Félicette, first cat in space

Everyone knows the names of famous astronauts like Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and some may even remember Laika, the first dog in space. However, the first cat in space has been largely forgotten, passed over by history like a hairball behind Grandma's couch.

A company that also offers memorial spaceflights for humans called Celestis, will send the Pikachu’s cremated remains to space as a small secondary payload on a satellite launch. It is expected to blast off from Earth within the next 18 months, according to Space dot com.