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A 63-year-old farmer in Nebraska had to use a pocket knife to save his life earlier this month…The 63-year-old farmer had to cut off his own leg last month.  He was transferring a load of grain into a bin, and got his leg caught in the long metal screw that moves the grain to the top of the bin.

He was alone and didn’t have his phone, so he used a pocket knife to saw his own leg off halfway below the knee.  His story is graphic, but his attitude about the incident is impressive.

“I thought for sure I would pass out, and somehow something told me to keep going,” he told NBC News in a phone interview Tuesday of the accident that occurred near the end of April. “I did what I thought I had to do, and it worked.”

“I could feel it cutting nerves,” Kaser said. “Finally, it let go, and then I started crawling to the house.”

The entire ordeal lasted about five minutes.

Farmer amputates his leg with a pocket knife to save his own life

(CNN)A farmer in Nebraska was just trying to transfer some corn from one place to another when he accidentally stepped into a hole, the hole happened to be a grain auger.