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Every dog was having fun in the sun!

A woman who died in Virginia had stipulated that her dog be laid to rest with her, there’s only one issue…The dog is perfectly healthy. 

Sometimes people can love their pets to much and that is the case when in this story…

mma, a healthy Shih Tzu mix that was recently euthanized after its late owner left explicit instructions the dog be put down – and laid to rest – with her.

During the dogs two-week stay at the shelter, shelter personnel had several discussions with the executor of the dead woman’s estate, trying to talk him out of euthanizing the dog so it could be laid to rest with it’s owner.

Emma was transported to a local vet’s office, euthanized and her remains were taken to a Richmond pet cremation center. Her ashes were then placed in an urn and returned to the authorized representative of the estate, in accordance with the dead woman’s will.

In Virginia, with few exceptions, burying animal remains with human remains in the same cemetery plot is against the law.