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There is a very funny and interesting story about Bob Seger years ago at Pine Knob, we had the woman involved on the show to talk about it…

”Kate, do you see that Gatorade bottle on the stage on that big speaker thing?” ” Where?”  ” There”. Where? THERE!Oh…Ok, I see it. “Would you get it for me?” “Huh?” “Would you get it for me?” “What for?” ” Cuz I want it…GOD!”

That was how part of the conversation went between friends Kate and Pink during a Seger show at Pine Knob.

Pink wanted to have Seger bottle at any cost, and after a few attempts Pink headed home with Seger’s bottle.

Kate said she asked one person on the stage who looked at her like she was crazy and told her to go home, after a second attempt another man handed her the bottle, even including the cap!

Eventually Kate moved to N.Y. and Pink got married. One day, years later Kate stopped by and her and Kate began to talk about the past, Kate asked her about the Gatorade bottle. Pink said, ” It’s in the basement fridge, go look.” Kate said no way!!! Sure enough, there is was, in a little old fridge, plugged in and running. It was the only thing IN that fridge. It was so old, black inside, a true science experiment.

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Listen to the full story from Kate: