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Unfortunately we see a lot of this happening during this time of the year, but this fight may be the worst yet…

Denver Parents and coaches were unhappy with a call made by the 13-year-old umpire during Saturday’s game.

According to the Lakewood Police Department. They then stormed the field and began punching each other as the 7-year-old players looked on.
“We were disgusted, quite frankly,” Lakewood Police spokesman John Romero told HLN on Wednesday. “Baseball and 7-year-old kids, it’s the parents that need to grow up here. That’s the saddest part.”
The police department said several people have already been cited for disorderly conduct. Multiple injuries have been reported and one person had a serious bodily injury, according to police.
In the video, you can see children running off when the fight breaks out. Romero said he can only imagine what’s going through the kids’ heads.
“These are parents and coaches, people they’re supposed to look up to,” Romero told HLN. “People that are supposed to be mentors, and this type of thing happens.”
Check out the video below: