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The Buckingham Woods neighborhood pool in Macomb Township has a serial pooping problem. 
An unidentified individual has been defecating in the pool, which lead to closures and a search to find the culprit.

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The Buckingham Recreational Facilities Association has reviewed pool footage and identified the person who has been doing the dirty deed. A statement from the association says the member is now banned from the pool for the rest of the season.

According to a post from the association last Friday, it has hired a pool attendant to keep an eye on the facility for the rest of the summer.

A Serial Public Pooper is Literally Ruining a Town's Summer With Their Poop, Gets Pool Closed and Carnival Canceled

A serial pooper has shut down a community pool in Macomb Township, Michigan because he or she (let's be real, he) won't stop dropping deuces in it . To the point where cleaning the pool every time he does it just isn't feasible. So the pool just shut down. Seems fair.

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