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Some Chihuahua's may have felt they should have won the race....

Here’s a good reason to keep an eye on your pets at all times when outdoors. Especially if they’re small.

A British dog owner just learned that lesson the hard way after a seagull swooped down into her back garden, snatching up her beloved chihuahua in its beak.

Becca Hill took to Facebook detailing the Sunday afternoon incident, hoping for Gizmo’s safe return.

According to reports, birds in that part of England have been known to attack small dogs. A similar episode took place in 2015.

Seagull swoops down and flies off with dog from back garden

The fate of a Devon dog is unknown after a seagull swooped down and carried the miniature chihuahua away in its beak, its owner said. Becca Hill, 24, of Paignton, is hoping four-year-old Gizmo will be found alive. She said: 'My partner was in the garden putting the washing out at the time and suddenly he saw it swoop down.

It’s not just the little chihuahuas who are in danger, other small dogs have been targeted too and not just by seagulls…

Coyotes are becoming a problem in a number of Detroit suburbs including: Grosse Ile, Northville and Beverly Hills.

In fact, a poodle named Abby was attacked by a coyote in Grosse Ile, in Northville a cockapoo named Stanley was snatched up and  a terrier mix from Beverly Hills has puncture wounds and bite marks from a coyote attack.

Here are some tips from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources on how to minimize possible conflicts with one:

  • Never approach, touch or intentionally feed a coyote.
  • Remove outside food sources, especially pet foods and bird feeders.
  • Put garbage out the morning of pickup.
  • Clear out wood and brush piles, which are good habitats for rats and mice and may attract coyotes
  • Don’t allow pets to roam free when coyotes are present. Keep them indoors or go with them outside, especially at night.
  • If you see a coyote, clap your hands, bang pots and pans, and make a lot of noise to scare it away and let it know that this is your space and you don’t want it there. By making yourself seem scary and threatening, the coyote should retain its fear of people and be scared away.
  • If you are in an area where hunting or discharging a firearm is legal (most of metro Detroit does not fall in this category), coyotes may be taken on private property by a property owner or designee all year if they are doing or about to do damage on private property. A license or written permit is not needed.
  • If you want to hunt or trap coyotes in Michigan, the season dates and regulations can be found in the current Hunting and Trapping Digest at
  • If you are in an area where hunting or discharging a firearm is not allowed and a coyote is acting aggressive and is not easily scared away, you can contact a nuisance wildlife control company to remove and euthanize the problem animal. For a list of permitted wildlife control companies, visit the state department’s Wildlife Damage and Nuisance Control Businesses online or look in your local Yellow Pages.


Here is another odd story from the bird world….

People have accused the government of covering up or hiding a lot of information though out the years, but this most recent one is a hard one to get behind…

Watch as this guy gets in front of a local news channel and tries to explain why he thinks birds are not real and were created by the government years ago…