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Is this a grand romantic gesture . . . or a totally selfish way to upstage someone?

A guy in England is getting criticism for proposing to his girlfriend during her graduation for her Master’s degree.  The girlfriend was happy . . . but people are saying he “hijacked” her moment.

There’s a 25-year-old woman named Agne Banuskeviciute (pronounced BAN-uh-SKEH-veetze-YOU-teh) and she recently got her Masters in English from the University of Essex in England.  (Her thesis was probably on pronouncing her name.)



And when she was getting her diploma at graduation, her 27-year-old boyfriend Edgaras Averbuchas (ah-ver-BOO-kuss)walked up . . . and PROPOSED to her. Agne looked shocked and happy, and she said yes.  The crowd also applauded and cheered loudly for them.

BUT . . . now the video of the proposal is going viral, and people are criticizing him for, quote, “hijacking” her moment and making it all about him.

A writer for “Grazia” magazine in the U.K. wrote, quote, “Graduating is a personal achievement . . . we don’t get many of those moments.  Which is why it’s so [crappy] for a man to hijack it.”

The University of Essex posted the video to Twitter, but wound up taking it down after it got so much criticism.