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8th March 1939: A dial-type hand microphone telephone. (Photo by H. F. Davis/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

OK, so here’s the deal…Big Jim just recently learned from his mother that he actually has two half sisters. After thinking about it long and hard, weighing all the possible outcomes and of course, asking our listeners for advice about two weeks ago, Big Jim came to a decision…

Big Jim set out to track down his sisters, but despite living in an age of social media and technology, he could not seem to get in contact them. Every phone number he tried was the wrong number, so, Big Jim decided  he needed some more help:

After hiring a private investigator, Big Jim found what, or rather who, he was looking for. But how did it go? That was the part Big Jim was nervous about…

Big Jim was able to get in contact with both of his sisters and they have been exchanging text messages and emails ever since!