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(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Apparently too much hedgehog sex is currently a thing in Germany.

The Guardian explains that the German emergency phone number 110 is getting an overwhelmingly high number of complaints about the same thing: hedgehogs having noisy sex.

Police in Germany have been getting numerous calls about noise complaints, and many times it’s just the animals going at it. This is very common in the summer months as it is currently hedgehog mating season.

“Hedgehogs are capable of making a range of sounds from a quiet snuffling to hissing, snarling, purring, whistling, clicking, and even loud screaming, which is what sometimes gets them mistaken for excited or distressed humans.”

Hedgehog mating season, which is called “hedgehog carrousel” or Igelkarussell, lasts from April to September.

Fun fact: The official term for a hedgehog’s extracurricular activities is called Igelsex. And yes there is now a #Igelsex hastag on Twitter.