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(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

UFC fighter Mike Perry’s match Saturday in Uruguay against Vicente Luque was the MMA-version of “adding insult to injury”; his nose was turned into the anatomical version of a question mark AND he lost his match.

Perry’s nose was given the worst alignment job ever after Luque decided to turn his knee into a concrete frisbee, launching it square into Perry’s face.  The injury was pretty obvious after both men began practically wading in Perry’s blood while battling on the mat.
In addition to wondering if you could hear Perry’s nose crack from the nosebleed seats, Twitter users asked “How can he breathe out of that thing?” and  “How much did he get paid to fight?  Definitely not enough money for that nose break!”

There is some positive news out of the match.  Both men won the “Fight of The Night” award and each took home $50,000, which I assume Perry’s using towards his new hospital bills


Mike Perry Suffers One Of Worst Nose Breaks In UFC History

UFC welterweight Mike Perry suffered one of the worst broken noses in UFC history after going up against Vicente Luque. The 27-year-old lost the match after a hard-fought split decision at UFC Fight Night 156 in Montevideo, Uruguay last night (August 10) but he's still the centre of attention in the aftermath as his nose ...

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