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A  photographer got the shot of a lifetime while flying his drone over the Pictured Rocks and a few dozen kayakers had the scare of a lifetime…

A section of the park’s sheer cliffs come crashing dramatically into Lake Superior…Jon Smithers, a nature and wildlife photographer from Saint Peter, Minn. had been piloting a drone from a pontoon boat.

Smithers turned his drone toward the sound just in time to see a huge rock shelf crumbling down and hitting the lake in an explosion of dust and water.

According to Ouellette-Ballas, the piece of cliff that fell was located near a point known among kayakers as “Turnaround Rock.”

Kayakers escape injury as cliff collapses into Lake Superior

LOOK OUT BELOW! Kayakers on a tour of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in northern Michigan escaped injury when a large section of cliff crashed into...


Pictured Rocks Cliff Sheer near kayakers - 08/12/2019

Copyright Jon Smithers & Craig Blacklock 2019. This video along with the interview with kayak guide & interviews with photographers Jon Smithers & Craig Blacklock, may be licensed - Contact Near Shipwreck Point. Cheers, Jon Smithers Craig Blacklock A special thanks to Northern Waters Adventures & Superior Pontoon Rentals.