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BEJING, CHINA - SEPTEMBER 4: Lucy Hao, 24, a jewellery trader, has her hair blow-dried by her stylist September 4, 2003 in Beijing, China. Hao is keeping herself busy with shopping trips and "taking care of herself" as she awaits her next cosmetic surgery scheduled for September 8, 2003 when she will have liposuction on her thighs. Hao sparked a media frenzy when she announced some weeks ago that she?ll undergo cosmetic surgery 14 times in order to enhance her nose, hairline, eyes, jaws, neck, bottom, breasts and legs. Hao believes being ?pretty" is essential to be successful in Chinese society, in her case she plans to become an actress. Cosmetic surgery clinics have popped up all over urban China as western features have become very popular with young urban Chinese women who wish to have more distinguishing features. Hao?s surgery costs USD 50,000 and reportedly is the most expensive cosmetic surgery ever undertaken in China. (Photo by Getty Images)

Look out, there is a new hairstyle in town and it’s here to stay…We’ll we hope not…

Apparently, the hottest new hairstyle is something called the STEP-MULLET.  And no, that’s not a mullet that married your mom and is trying so hard to connect with you.

The step-mullet is long in the back, just like a standard mullet.  But instead of being extra short on the top, you have medium length hair on top . . . then you part in the middle like a bob for women or a ’90s skater cut for guys.

And thanks to the differences in length, it kinda looks like your hair is in the shape of “steps.”  Please cut your hair like this and you’re welcome for how amazing you look.

Amanecí preocupada leyendo que este tipo de corte se puede poner de moda jajajaja #stepmullets #hairtrends #next #trends

46 Likes, 0 Comments - Upsidedown (@upsidedownmex) on Instagram: "Amanecí preocupada leyendo que este tipo de corte se puede poner de moda jajajaja #stepmullets..."