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It's famous for it's theatrics and excitement

We had a tease from Alice about a month ago and now we have the full song…

Check out the full cover of Seger’s East Side Story which is part of a tribute album to fellow Detroit Rockers.

Alice admitted that he had never heard the song before one of his managers, Toby Mamis, and designer John Varvatos suggested the track and referred Cooper and Ezrin to a YouTube video of Seger performing “East Side Story” on the Canadian TV show Swingin’ Time. “I had never heard that song on the radio,” Cooper says.


Bob Seger And The Last Heard - East Side Story

Bob Seger And The Last Heard - East Side Story


The Breadcrumbs EP, out Sept. 13, also includes covers of the MC5’s “Sister Anne,” Suzi Quatro’s “Your Mama Won’t Like Me” and Ryder & the Detroit Wheels’ “Devil With a Blue Dress On,” as well as the new song “Go Man Go” and “Detroit City 2020,” a remake of the track from his 2003 album The Eyes of Alice Cooper.