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2019 Mazda CX 5 signature edition review

Total transparency here, this was one of two vehicles I looked at last year when I was gonna buy a new car. Why didn’t I get it? Because I needed to tow a large camper and I got a truck. But I was REALLY close to buying one (and i’m not the only one).

The CX 5 is the number one selling car for Mazda and it makes sense. This is an incredibly practical SUV/CUV but it never forgot that driving a car on any level should be fun.

The optional turbo charged four-cylinder generates 250 hp if you use 93 octane gas and you’ll still be well over 200hp with regular pump gas. So yeah this thing has a little bit of giddy up.

Why did I fall in love with the CX5? It’s the whole package – power, styling and this feeling of safety that’s really hard to explain…but it’s there. Great ride as well and the AWD system is easily one of the best going. 

Are there faults with the CX5? Well, I’ll admit there are better displays than what you’ll find in the Mazda and I’m not a huge fan of their infotainment system. But everything works… The seats are comfortable you have plenty of storage, you’ve got plenty of room for four people, it just works.

I can keep writing about how good the Mazda CX5 is but here’s the best recommendation I can give any car that we review here: go drive one. Take the test drive, ask questions at the dealership, check out all the versions and I’m pretty sure this car will go on your shortlist as well.

  • Review from Big Jim O’Brien @wcsxjim
  • Photos courtesy of Mazda