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2019 Hyundai Kona ultimate all-wheel-drive review 

Time to use the standard SUV/CUV cliché: It’s a really crowded market and getting someone’s attention is a difficult thing. Seriously, how many times have you read that in a review?

So with that being said when I talk about the 2019 Hyundai Kona ultimate all-wheel-drive it really stands out (you just rolled your eyes).

Do you remember when McDonald’s brought out the oversized Big Mac? I mean it was cool but it just didn’t feel right. To me that seems to be the problem with some manufacturers when they create CUV‘s or try to turn their traditional SUVs into something sportier. It just doesn’t feel right.

The Hyundai Kona is perfect. Seriously, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a better SUV/CUV on the market today. It’s got great looks….I love all the variations of color. Visual styling cues let you know it’s a Hyundai but also tell you it’s something new.


How’s the interior? Great. First rate materials and plenty of headroom. I’m 6’5” with a 29 inch inseam (lot of upper body…no fat jokes please).  I can tell you when something isn’t comfortable…the Kona is well built. 

The Kona Ultimate come with 175 hp four-cylinder turbo charged engine (standard four-cylinder is 147 hp). So how does power feel when you put it to the road? Just like everything else with the Kona it’s well thought out and composed. It becomes obvois this is a very smart vehicle when you drive it up you can tell the folks at Hyundai know what they’re doing and they really got it right.

Bottom line when you’re looking for a CUV… You could probably find one that will cost a little bit less but you’re going to get a lot less. The Kona is the perfect size, the perfect value and the perfect look… it’s the Big Mac. And not that that knock off oversize thing that nobody really liked. 

  • Review from Big Jim O’Brien /94.7 WCSX – Detroit
  • All images courtesy of Hyundai