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The Emmy’s aired Sunday night on Fox, with no host and far less viewership than ever before. But, Detroit got a little extra attention this year during the program…and after.

Nothing gets past Jimmy Kimmel…

During his Monday night opening monologue he made mention of the awards program noting a minor mistake that was made during the “in memoriam” portion of the show.

Detroit Symphony Orchestra music director laureate Leonard Slatkin—who is very much alive—appeared on the screen with the name “André Previn”

Leonard Slatkin then appeared the following night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to prove he was in fact still kickin’ despite being memorialized at the Emmy’s.

“Please welcome the newly resurrected Leonard Slatkin,”  Kimmel said when introducing Slatkin to his show.

Slatkin said he woke up at 4 in the morning to check the baseball scores only to learn what had happened on the Emmy’s.

Slatkin, who’s 75, had a good sense of humor about the situation and said he plans to wait a good long while for a real “in memoriam.”

Slatkin knew André Previn personally and described him as “a great gentleman” and good friend. He also said that although Previn—who died in February— would have had a good sense of humor about the mistake,  he is still sad “couldn’t be remembered the way he should be.”

Check it out (skip to 3:58 if you just can’t wait).