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BERLIN - NOVEMBER 03: Firefighters perched on a ladder shoot water into a blaze in a second-storey apartment on November 3, 2009 in Berlin, Germany. The fire occured in an apartment building near Nollendorfplatz and initial police reports indicated there were no injuries. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

These are the type of stories that you read and instantly want to help out…

The Gofundme was created by Aaron Smith the friend of two firefighters who suffered major injuries while fighting a fire a few days ago.

They survived miraculously but, suffered some severe burns and other injuries.  They will be in the hospital for an extended time getting surgeries and recovering.

Mark will remain hospitalized for an unknown amount of time as they continue to assess the burns and move forward with surgeries. He underwent his first surgery yesterday and the burns were more extensive than they originally thought.

Doctors said Taylor will have scars from the blaze for the rest of his life, and his friends have decided they need to do all they can to help ease the pain.

“He’s going to have a series of surgeries,” friend and union representative Chris Smith said. “I know that for sure, and it’s a lot worse than any of us thought.”

Taylor is president of the Detroit Fire Department clown team that can be seen every year at America’s Thanksgiving Day parade. The team’s real mission is charity work, including hospital visits for child burn victims.

Community rallies support for Detroit firefighter hurt at arson scene

Community rallies support for Detroit firefighter hurt at arson scene

If you can give a little to help, please do, we all know Mark would.

Click here to support What would Mark do organized by Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith What would Mark do Mark Taylor and Alex Rodriguez were fighting a fire yesterday, when the roof collapsed trapping them and other fire fighters in