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The Best Sandwich in Michigan is just around the corner…

Buzzfeed released a list of the Best Sandwiches in the U.S. by state according to Yelp and to no surprise of the locals and regulars, Ernie’s Market in Oak Park took the title for the entire state of Michigan.

Ernie’s Market is a family-owned and run business for generations. The first Ernie to open up shop was the grandfather of the Ernie we all know and love today. Eventually his father took over the business and of course Ernie (the third) is still there today alongside his daughter who helps make the famous “Ernie’s,” including the infamous Ernie’s Monster (which includes all 7 meats: ham, turkey, salami, chicken, pepperoni, corned beef and pastrami). You can check out the full menu here.

Ernie joined Big Jim’s House in studio on Facebook live. He shared great stories, advice and his contagious cheerful personality with us. (Along with some cold Hershey kisses of course.) Check out the video below:

Ernie's Market

The original #313 lunch in the D!!!

Ernie's Market

Ernie on his big day! #ernies #love #spreadthelove #community #generations #legacy #bestof #hardwork #oldschool #best #family